Some people can sleep for eight hours and still feel tired, yet others can sleep for seven hours and feel fine. Some people can snore, talk, or move without affecting the outcome of sleep, yet  those symptoms indicate serious sleep disorders in others. Sleep Disorders interfere with the ability to obtain the amount of rest needed to feel rejuvenated. Sleep disorders do not generally resolve themselves with time or good sleep habits alone.

Do I Have a Sleep Problem?
I Can't Sleep. ...more
Sleep problems known as Insomnias,
or the inability to fall or stay asleep

I Can't Wake Up. ...more
Sleep disorders known as Hypersomnias,
which result in sleeping too much or too often.

I Have Been Told I Snore. ...more
Sleep-breathing disorders,
or difficulty breathing during sleep.

I Do Things in My Sleep. ...more
Parasomnias or behaviors, movements, or other
phenomena that occur during sleep.

I Sleep Out of Sync. ...more
Circadian Rhythm Disorders or sleep disorders
relating to the timing of sleep.

If Not for My Health, I Would Sleep. ...more
Medical and Psychiatric Conditions,
that interfere with restful sleep.

I Do Not Have a Sleep-Friendly Life. ...more
Lifestyle, Gender Issues, Age or external
conditions that alter the course of sleep.

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