Parasomnia: (paar a som nee ya) [para = beside/beyond, plus somnia = sleep]  Any of several disorders that interfere with the process of sleep, either during specific sleep stages or during the transition between sleep stages. They do not generally involve feelings of insomnia or hypersomnia. Parasomnias range from mild and non-disruptive (as is often the case with Nightmares) to life-threatening (as is often the case with violent episodes of REM Behavior Disorder). Severe parasomnias require treatment to resolve themselves.

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Confusional Arousals:  a partial or incomplete arousal from sleep that takes place when waking from sleep. ...more

Sleep Terrors:
  an abrupt, partial arousal from sleep followed by extremely fearful behavior. ...more

Somnabulism (Sleepwalking): a partial arousal from sleep that involves arising from bed and walking around. ...more

REM Sleep Behavior Disorder (RBD):  the re-enactment of dramatic or violent dreams. RBD  is associated with repeated injury and destruction. ...more

Nightmares: extremely unpleasant dreams characterized by feelings of fear and anxiety. Nightmares are common among both children and adults. ...more

Additional Parasomnias:  any of several additional parasomnias. ...more