The world of sleep involves as much activity as the world of wakefulness, both inside and outside of the body. Every body's need for sleep and wakefulness evolved from a most universal phenomenon-the rising and setting of the sun! Sleep differs from wakefulness in ways we might not expect. Whether you experience any of the hundreds of disorders, illnesses, or lifestyles known to disrupt sleep, or you sleep normally, there is much to learn.

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Normal Sleep 101
How sleep works:

  • Earthly sleep
  • Sleep & the body
  • Sleep & the brain

101 Sleep Problems ...more
Why sleep fails:
  • Sleep disorders
  • Sleep & illness
  • Sleep & lifestyle

Publication & Download Center ...more
Educational materials:
  • PDF pamphlets
  • Slide shows
  • Physical materials

Surviving Sleep Problems ...more
  • Seeking care
  • Preparing for a visit
  • Healthy Sleep Tips

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